Admissions open for AY 2024-25 (Pre Nursery – XII)

The Venkateshwar School – where excellence meets education! As an esteemed institution rooted in the principles of ISKCON Bangalore, we strive to provide a world-class K-12 education system.

The Venkateshwar School - Premium CBSE School in Gurgaon

Facilities We Provide

The best academic facilities

Experience top-notch academic facilities designed for optimal learning outcomes.

Sports & Co-curricular

Unleash your child's potential in sports and co-curricular activities that encourage teamwork and skill development.

Extracurricular activities

Enriching the learning experience beyond textbooks.

The best faculty

Our dedicated team of educators is committed to nurturing young minds with knowledge and care.

Better resources for learning

Discover a wealth of educational resources designed to enhance your child's learning journey.

Focus on overall development

We believe in fostering not just academic growth but also the holistic development of each child.

Smart classes

Engage in modern, technology-driven learning environments for an enriched educational experience.

Well-equipped activity rooms

Promote creativity and exploration through our state-of-the-art activity rooms.

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Facilities We Provide

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