At The Venkateshwar School, axis of education is quality, excellence & commitment.

We believe that love for education must be instilled during initial years of childhood.

At TVS every child is special and unique. Also, schooling is one of the most important period of any individual’s life because of the amount of brain development that happens during this period. Schools play an extremely important role during this period. We conjecture that since the child has enormous ability to absorb and learn, he needs to be exposed to a “Structured” environment with a variety of concepts. The child learns to be independent, self disciplined and learns through exploration and discovery.

Hence, it is important that the curriculum, teachers, environment and the school as a whole provides all this to the child to aid his development. The child needs to be exposed to a child-centric curriculum where the child is given the individual time, freedom, independence and choice to explore and learn as opposed to a teacher-centric curriculum.

Junior School

A Strong Start for Every Child
The early years are crucial for children’s holistic development. Quality education provides children with opportunities to build self-confidence, learn social skills and develop learning dispositions. These build a strong foundation for children’s future learning.
The school curriculum includes all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. There are various extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the children’s experience. We want children to achieve their true potential.

Primary School

The objective of TVS is to pilot teaching and learning resources. We seek to nurture children holistically, so that they are confident, have strong social skills and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy.
The pedagogical approach is focused on student inquiry and the principles of constructivism. This concept based approach is evaluated through a variety of assessments that are continuously conducted to monitor the progress and development of students.
We seek the highest standards of attainment for all our children. We also value the breadth of the curriculum that we provide. We aim to foster creativity in our children, and to help them become independent learners. Above all we believe in making children keen to learn.

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