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Please register the name of my son/daughter/ward for admission in your school.

Mother’s Information

Legal Guardian’s

(Sanskrit / French/ Spanish/ German)
1. I certify that I am a bonafide parent/guardian of the child.
2. I hereby certify that the date of birth & spelling of the name of my child/ward given in this form is correct and I shall not make a request for any change.
3. I fully understand that registration is not a guarantee for admission. Admission is granted only when there is an existing vacancy and the child’s performance in the test is satisfactory as per school norms.
4. I understand that the registration fee and one-time admission fee is non-refundable.
5. I have made careful note of various details regarding the payment of school fees. I have made satisfactory
arrangements for the remittance of school fees within due dates without waiting for reminder from the school.I will pay the school fee through crossed Checks / Cash / DD / online transfer.
6. I understand that the fee is subject to upward revision every year as per the decision of the management.I also, understand that there will be no fee waiver granted.
7. (i) I understand that request for withdrawal/ cancellation of admission will be considered only if given in writing on the prescribed form (available on the school website/ admission department) and only the Caution Money is refundable.
(ii) In case of withdrawal of a child from the school during the course of the session, at least 3 months notice is required to be given in advance, failing which fee for that period will be charged.
(iii) I hereby certify that I am aware that the claim of Caution Money must be made within a period of one year of withdrawal/ cancellation of admission.
8. I understand that school transport will be provided on the specified routes/stops only (subject to availability)
9. I hereby certify that I shall follow all the rules, regulations & procedures laid down by the school from time to time.
10. I understand that rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disqualify or lead to cancellation of admission /continuation of the child in this school.
11. Having carefully read the rules, regulations and procedures as mentioned above, and being desirous of Having my child educated in The Venkateshwar School, Gurugram I hereby agree to abide by these rules in all respects. I understand that the decision of the Management of the school shall be final and binding.
12. I hereby attest my signature to confirm the above declarations.