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Golden Background : Golden Color is associated with Illumination, Compassion, Courage, Love and Wisdom. Gold is prosperity, grandeur and glamour.

Shield : A shield signifies protection. It protects us from danger and risks. We refer to God as our Shield and Protector.

Colors Of Our Logo :

Purple : Purple color signifies Royalty, Nobility, Power and Ambition. It represents creativity, wisdom, dignity, devotion, peace and independence.

Green: Green is the color of life. It signifies energy, renewal, growth, harmony, freshness, and safety.

Red : Red is the color of love, passion, desire, strength, leadership, courage, and radiance.

Sky Blue : It represents trust sincerity, faith, confidence and intelligence. It calms the mind and the soul.

Yellow : Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness. If even stands for positivity, optimism, intellect and enlightenment.


Open book a feather : An open book signifies Learning, knowledge and wisdom. The feather relates to spiritual evolution, communication and celestial wisdom.

Harp and a palette : Harp Signifies a “Sense Of Belonging”. Harp and the palette even connotes “Freedom of Expression”.

Cosmic Symbol : It signifies that we are all connected to the universe and are “ONE”.

Galaxy : The stars in the galaxy aspire us to shine in life and exude vibrancy and dynamism.