Our Vision

“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” and that is exactly what we intend doing at TVS.

We are desirous of touching the most sensitive vein of people by loving and taking care of their most precious jewels, their children. We aim to rule the hearts and minds of our young patrons by being successful in living up to the expectations of the parents.

Our Mission

Our prime Mission at TVS is to make our children enjoy their childhood to the maximum as this is the most fulfilled part of their lives. We believe in making them fall in love with themselves and the world. There cannot be anything worse than a child deprived of her/his childhood.

We promise to strive in our pursuance of excellence and in the interim introduce our children to education as their best friend for life.

We are delighted to offer your employees children corporate discounts on admissions. Looking forward to educating them.

Free Student Counselling

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